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Claims Advice from the Insurance Experts

Claims Advice from the Insurance Experts Featured Image

We enjoy helping our clients get the most they can out of their insurance. Grace Morrow, our Group Plan Specialist, shares four claims tips:

Claim Tip #1 » Don’t wait to get us involved!

You’re a wise planner. You thought enough of your health, family and finances to purchase insurance from us, whether it was for a vacation, a volunteer trip or to cover you between jobs. So when it comes to using your insurance benefits, we hope you’ll remember to get your Insurance Services of America Client Advisor involved.

We know the claims process can be a challenge for even the most seasoned planners. You may forget to file your claims on time, you may forget to submit the appropriate information, but please don’t forget we’re here to help! Claims assistance is part of the service each of our clients receive, so don’t wait to ask us for help. Clients who allow us to assist with their claims get faster results than those who go it alone. Let us do the follow-up work for you to help resolve claims quicker.

Claim Tip #2 » No claim is too small

In recent years we’ve all felt the pinch on our wallets. So why, when it comes to filing claims, would you pass up the chance to take advantage of your insurance benefits? You may think a small claim isn’t worth the hassle, but small charges can add up.

We’ve helped our clients with claims submitted for as high as $40,000 to as low as one cent—that’s right, a penny! No matter how little you spend on your medical care, it’s worth it to file a claim. The first step is to contact us, then we can get you started and handle the details for you.
Insurance Claims Advice

Claim Tip #3 » Update your records to avoid delays

Sometimes, the insurance company needs additional information in order to process a claim. If they don’t have the right address or email on file, simple requests for more information can cause a delay. In the recent case of one client, a bad address caused a huge hang up.

This past February, one of our clients filed a $4,000 claim; instead of asking us for assistance, she filed the claim on her own directly with the insurance company. Not knowing what to expect, our client thought waiting several months to hear back was part of the normal process. Finally, after eight months of waiting, she contacted us for help. Immediately, we contacted the claims office at the insurance company and discovered that her claim had been resolved and that a check had been issued to her in March—to her old address!

She had moved since filing the claim and never notified us or the insurance company. Ten days after she contacted us, a new reimbursement check arrived at her new address.

The next time you move or change your email address, add our name to the list of people to notify. We’ll make sure the insurance company is updated to help avoid delays.

Claim Tip #4 » We’re here to help!

Unresolved claims can be a hassle. But as your advocates, we turn the tables and petition the insurance company for answers on claims pending 60 days or more. As we saw in Claim Tip #3, many of our clients simply don’t know what to expect during the claims process. When you get us involved, we’ll keep a watchful eye on them—after all, it’s our job to help you get the most out of your insurance.

We know that without clients like you, we wouldn’t exist. While other insurance agents may be satisfied to sell you a policy and then recede into the night, never to be heard from again, we’re happy to provide ongoing service. Before you use your insurance, during your purchase and especially during the claims process, your Client Advisor is available to help.

Contact Your Client Advisor For Claims Assistance Today:

Providing personal, friendly assistance is one of the things we think sets Insurance Service of America apart. Because we appreciate and care about you, please don’t forget to contact us the next time you need help filing a claim.