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7 Tips for Staying Safe on your Trip to Egypt Thumbnail

7 Tips for Staying Safe on your Trip to Egypt

Since Egypt’s revolution, tourists have been on heightened alert while traveling the region. Although Egypt is still considered a relatively safe country to visit, it’s still important to exercise caution, and consult to travel advisory of your home country before departure. Here are a few tips to stay safe while traveling abroad in Egypt.

1) Demonstrations

It is important that visitors stay away from protests, as they are the most likely targets for terrorists. Attacks can occur without warning, and are indiscriminate.

2) Socially acceptable behavior

Egypt is an Islamic country, and much more conservative than most western societies. It is important that you respect their values, even as a tourist. Many Egyptians do not consume alcohol in public, or display affection. It is best that these activities be engaged in privately while in Egypt. Both men and women in the country dress modestly, choosing to cover large portions of their skin in public. Many women wear headscarves.

3) Travel insurance

As with every trip abroad, make sure to obtain travel and medical insurance prior to departure.

4) Contacts

Have a list of important contacts stored close by. Know how to access your embassy, insurance company, tourist police, and your hotel. Also have contacts labeled “ICE” (in case of emergency) stored with your travel documents, so authorities know who to contact in your home country should they need to.

5) Important documents

Always have access to electronic copies of important documents (e.g. passport, airline ticket, travel insurance). If the originals are lost or stolen, having backups can expedite the process of getting replacements.

6) Hygiene

Not all establishments will have the same hygiene standards that Westerners are accustomed to. Due to this, it’s not uncommon for some travelers to get upset stomachs. Use your best judgment, and avoid eating at restaurants that don’t look or feel clean. Don’t drink tap water, or eat street food.

7) Cash and credit cards

It is important to have more than one credit card, and some cash with you when you travel. It is also important to keep the credit cards and cash in separate locations. Being an outsider can make you a target for crimes of opportunity. If a pickpocket targets you, and you have all of your cash or cards in one location, it will leave you without access to money for the remainder of your trip.

While following these tips will help keep you safe in Egypt, they are not fail-safe. Obtaining short or long term travel insurance, and travel medical insurance is still your best bet to stay protected abroad. To get more information on travel insurance, call the experts at Insurance for Trips at (800) 647-4589 today!


Tips for Americans Traveling to Paris Thumbnail

Tips for Americans Traveling to Paris

France, Paris in particular, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Paris especially is a beautiful and historically rich city with plenty of world class dining and sights. As with any other different culture, it is important to remember things may be different than what you are used to. It is important to act accordingly to ensure appreciation and respect for different cultures. Here are a few tips to help Americans traveling to Paris.

Try to speak French 

Although it is not necessary to learn all the nuances of this complex language of love, it is important to try. Brush up on a few key phrases and take this opportunity to practice your best french accent. Parisians will appreciate any effort, even if you butcher it.

Say hello and goodbye

Although Americans don’t consider it a cultural norm to greet storekeepers or salesclerks in shops, Parisians do. It is considered almost as impolite as if you were to enter someone’s homes and not greet them. Bonjour and merci will take you a long way when traveling in Paris.

Taxis are expensive

paris metro

Taking a taxi ride, even just a couple of miles, can end up costing you a lot. This is especially true later in the evening. This makes the Metro your best and cheapest option for navigating through the streets of Paris. The Metro is very well connected and easy to use. Remember that the Metro closes at 1 a.m., meaning you will have to take a taxi to get home if you are out that late.

Safety matters

After the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month, Parisian authorities have heavily increased security forces. Museums, monuments, stores, train stations, amusement parks and another area where large groups of people congregate are under constant police surveillance. Although Paris is probably one of the safest cities to travel to, it is still important and necessary to protect yourself by purchasing US citizen travel insurance.

Don’t forget the adapters

Chances are, you will need to plug something in at one point during your trip to Paris. France runs on 220 volts meaning there is a chance you will need a converter for at least some of your electronics. Make sure to do your research on which converter plug to bring.

Parisians love fashion

fashionable french woman

Paris has long been known as one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. This means you may feel out of place in sweatpants and sneakers while navigating the city. Although you want to be comfortable during a long day of sight seeing, you may want to dress up a bit.

If you are interested in learning more about traveling to Paris, and what kind of travel insurance policies are available, contact Insurance Services of America at (800) 647-4589 today.

Do you Need Travel Medical Insurance to Travel to Cuba? Thumbnail

Do you Need Travel Medical Insurance to Travel to Cuba?

With a troubled history between the two countries, it can be difficult to understand the laws that dictate travel regulations between Cuba and the United States of America. But recent efforts by the U.S. have helped to ease tensions between the countries, allowing for more opportunities for both travel and trade. When traveling to Cuba from the United States, it is important to be aware of the new regulations between the nations and to have appropriate travel insurance for American citizens. Find out what has changed regarding Cuba and U.S. relations and what kind of health insurance is right for your trip to Cuba.

Tides changing in Cuba/USA feud

Where Cuba was once a place that U.S. citizens were not allowed to visit is now a location that promotes travel, trade and financial activities between the two nations. With efforts to allow U.S. citizens to enter Cuba for reasons such as family visits, education and religion, it appears that the decades of feuding between the two countries may officially be coming to an end.

In addition to enhanced travel and communication between the nations, U.S. insurers have been authorized to offer health insurance to travelers looking to spend time in Cuba. Travelers hoping to secure health, life and travel insurance can rest assured knowing that these services will still be authorized by the United States for people visiting Cuba.

Insurance is key when traveling to Cuba

While tensions between the countries may be coming to an end, Cuba can still be a dangerous place for American citizens to visit. As with any trip in a foreign land, nothing is worse than having a medical emergency occur while away from home. To protect yourself from any kind of unwanted emergency, it is imperative that you purchase travel insurance prior to your trip to Cuba.

To protect yourself from harm while visiting Cuba, check out our Atlas International Major Medical Atlas Professional plans. These insurance plans will keep you covered in case of an emergency overseas, ensuring that your trip goes smoothly and without problems. For more information on obtaining health insurance when visiting another country, contact Insurance Services of America today at (800) 647-4589.

Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand in 2015? Thumbnail

Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand in 2015?

Thailand is a popular travel destination among tourists who want to visit a stunning, culturally rich country on a low budget. As is the case with most unfamiliar travel destinations, tourists often find themselves tossing around safety concerns prior to their vacation. Rest assured: As noted on TripAdvisor, Thailand is overall a safe nation to travel to, with crimes against “the person” being far less likely than in many other “developed” nations. To fully secure your own safety and that of your possessions, follow these general tips.

Security Check

Upon checking in, do a quick sweep of the room for security measures. Make sure the locks are working, the smoke alarm is in tact and that any windows effectively lock. When you leave the room, either take valuables with you or lock them in the safe provided by the hotel.


Taxis in the capital, Bangkok, are a safe mode of transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Present yourself with confidence upon entering the cab and check to make sure the meter is starting at ‘TBH35’.

Side note for female travelers: Nearly all cab drivers in Thailand are male. If this makes you uncomfortable, search for a company that supplies female drivers instead. They are less common, but they do exist.


You’ll no doubt be carrying some sort of bag while you’re out and about exploring Thailand. Keep it close to your body while walking, especially in larger crowds. Pickpockets are not common, but they do come out of the woodwork every once in a while. Being a victim of theft in a foreign country is the worst-case scenario and can be avoided by being conscious of your surroundings.

These tips will help keep you and your possessions safe and secure in Thailand. But if you’re not the type to leave safety to chance, consider international travel insurance. You never know what can happen when you’re so far from home. If you have the choice to be prepared, shouldn’t you take advantage of it? To get more information on international travel insurance and international medical insurance, call the experts at Insurance for Trips at (800) 647-4589 today!