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2017 Fitness Resolution? Dogtag® Insurance Has Your Back Thumbnail

2017 Fitness Resolution? Dogtag® Insurance Has Your Back

Whether you’ve vowed to make 2017 the year you finally get active, or if you’ve been a lifelong sports enthusiast, we are happy to announce a new travel medical plan specifically designed for sports-related travel—even extreme sports are included in the coverage options. So go ahead, schedule your trip to Everest, then call Insurance Services of America for a free quote for the Dogtag® plan.

The Dogtag plan, named for the personalized stainless steel dog tag necklace you’ll receive when you enroll, offers four levels of coverage:

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Planning a Long Trip? What Expatriates Need to Know Thumbnail

Planning a Long Trip? What Expatriates Need to Know

There has been a lot of talk—and even some action—in recent days about people wanting to move outside the US. Our tumultuous election cycle has inspired people from all walks of life and political leanings to at least consider the idea of emigration. For example, on election night, a high volume of visitors crashed Canada’s immigration website and New Zealand’s official immigration site saw over 56,000 visits in just 24 hours, compared to its usual 2,300 visits. Perhaps, for some, emigration is more than an impassioned threat.

If you’re seriously considering moving abroad, before you pack your bags or sign your resignation letter, we at Insurance Services of America suggest you consider your health insurance options once you leave American soil…

Many of our clients are volunteers and missionaries who live, for the majority of the year, outside of the US. In essence, they have been living an expat lifestyle while doing their philanthropic work. Though many are employed through US-based organizations, many are responsible for procuring their own health insurance coverage. But finding an insurance plan that also covers medical expenses for illnesses, injuries or wellness visits overseas and is also compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is impossible—such a plan simply doesn’t exist.

Whether you love or loathe the ACA, the fact is, this legislation did not take into account people like our clients—or expats—who work, live and need health care outside of the US.

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The BBB and You: An A+ Review! Thumbnail

The BBB and You: An A+ Review!

Yes, most of our insurance plans are A+ rated, but so are we…

Insurance Services of America is proud to be an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We’ve been an accredited BBB business since 2005 and are humbled by over 160 positive client reviews—and zero negative reviews. We are flattered our clients have taken the time to praise our staff, products and, most importantly, our customer service: Read More »

Our Vote Goes To… Thumbnail

Our Vote Goes To…

It’s hard to know you’re making the best choice sometimes. Thankfully, unlike too many past elections, we at Insurance Services of America offer you great candidates to choose from—

When it comes to group travel medical insurance, we’ve nominated only the most qualified, vetted and intelligent of options. No scandals. No flip-flopping. Just honest insurance coverage backed by the world’s oldest and largest health insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, and highly rated by AM Best and Standard and Poor’s. So who are these stellar candidates? Meet them and cast your vote for the one you like best!

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Buckle Up and Don’t Forget to Pack Your AD&D Insurance Thumbnail

Buckle Up and Don’t Forget to Pack Your AD&D Insurance

The United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ranks deaths resulting from accidents as the fourth leading cause of death for US citizens. Accidents include everything from car accidents, to falls and drowning. But US citizens traveling or living abroad also experience devastating accidents—those that kill or maim—at rates that shouldn’t be ignored.

The US Department of State shows that, sadly, between June 2003 to June 2016, there were at least 10,883 reported deaths of US citizens due to non-natural causes overseas. Of those fatalities, 29.5% were the result of vehicular accidents; 22.3% from homicides and terrorist actions; 15.7% from other accidents including train and aircraft accidents, natural disasters as well as falls, mountain climbing accidents and rafting; and 14% from drowning and maritime accidents. Read More »

Claims Advice from the Insurance Experts Thumbnail

Claims Advice from the Insurance Experts

We enjoy helping our clients get the most they can out of their insurance. Grace Morrow, our Group Plan Specialist, shares four claims tips:

Claim Tip #1 » Don’t wait to get us involved!

You’re a wise planner. You thought enough of your health, family and finances to purchase insurance from us, whether it was for a vacation, a volunteer trip or to cover you between jobs. So when it comes to using your insurance benefits, we hope you’ll remember to get your Insurance Services of America Client Advisor involved.

We know the claims process can be a challenge for even the most seasoned planners. You may forget to file your claims on time, you may forget to submit the appropriate information, but please don’t forget we’re here to help! Claims assistance is part of the service each of our clients receive, so don’t wait to ask us for help. Clients who allow us to assist with their claims get faster results than those who go it alone. Let us do the follow-up work for you to help resolve claims quicker. Read More »

Uncensored Safety Tips from a Nuclear Power Plant Operator Thumbnail

Uncensored Safety Tips from a Nuclear Power Plant Operator

Enjoy today’s featured article from our guest blogger who is also a client:

In my 20 years’ travel with the IAEA and nuclear power clients, I’ve had my share of “experience”; even my semi-diplomatic status with the UN does little to help.

Keeping yourself safe from passive pilferage is hard enough.  But, when traveling, whatever you do, don’t even consider accepting anything from, or doing anything involving, a stranger – wave-down taxi rides (not booked by the hotel), shell- and three-card monty games, “free” souvenirs, too-friendly locals (of either sex), shops with “deals of the century”, even thieves posing as police or government officials.   These are primarily in the “tourist areas” but not limited to by any means.   We Americans are friendly by nature and don’t want to be rude.  Without sounding too cynical, these folks gave up “politeness” and shame long ago, and are trying to survive in some very cruel places.  They are clever and motivated, and they understand your Western puppy-dog friendliness and how to use it against you.  Read More »

There Are Only Four CT Scanners in Haiti… and Other Things I’ve Learned at My Job Thumbnail

There Are Only Four CT Scanners in Haiti… and Other Things I’ve Learned at My Job

Like most of you, I’m not an insurance expert. As the marketing gal for Insurance Services of America I communicate who we are and what we have to offer, but I’m not an insurance agent.

Unlike most of you, I sit amongst very smart insurance experts who explain how insurance works every day. They’ve taught me–and I’ve overheard–some interesting and helpful things you might like to know too. So what are these nuggets of wisdom? Here are three:

1) There are only four CT scanners in Haiti.
Many of our clients travel to help impoverished people around the world, Haiti being one of the most popular destinations. The work being done in this country is priceless: building homes, administering medicine, feeding the hungry, and more. It is amazing to learn about the generosity of our clients.

A few months ago, one such client shared a story about his air evacuation from Haiti to Florida. Read More »