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The Official Job Description of Flight Attendants

The Official Job Description of Flight Attendants Featured Image

Do you know the most important job duty of flight attendants?  On your next flight, you’ll notice flight attendants passing out beverages, selling snacks, taking extra care of those first class fliers… but the most important responsibility of flight attendants “is to help passengers in the event of an emergency.”

You can find the official job description of a flight attendant at the Department of Labor Statistics website  You might not know that flight attendants experience a higher-than-average rate of work-related injuries and illnesses due to working on a moving aircraft, overstuffed overhead bins, irregular sleep patterns and working in a pressurized environment.

Flight attendants travel frequently and most airlines include excellent travel perks, including “buddy” passes which allow friends and family to fly at a discounted rate.  We insure family members of flight attendants and pilots.  Contact us for a travel medical insurance or trip insurance quote before your next trip.  You don’t have to know a flight attendant.

By Adam Bates

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