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Claims Advice from the Insurance Experts

We enjoy helping our clients get the most they can out of their insurance. Grace Morrow, our Group Plan Specialist, shares four claims tips:

Claim Tip #1 » Don’t wait to get us involved!

You’re a wise planner. You thought enough of your health, family and finances to purchase insurance from us, whether it was for a vacation, a volunteer trip or to cover you between jobs. So when it comes to using your insurance benefits, we hope you’ll remember to get your Insurance Services of America Client Advisor involved.

We know the claims process can be a challenge for even the most seasoned planners. You may forget to file your claims on time, you may forget to submit the appropriate information, but please don’t forget we’re here to help! Claims assistance is part of the service each of our clients receive, so don’t wait to ask us for help. Clients who allow us to assist with their claims get faster results than those who go it alone. Let us do the follow-up work for you to help resolve claims quicker. Read More »