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Health Care Around the World Thumbnail

Health Care Around the World

Ever wondered how health care around the world differs? The Harvard School of Public Health and Harris Interactive conducted a survey that asked U.S. citizens whether their country had the best health care system in the world. Overall, 45 percent of the respondents believed that the U.S. did in fact have the best system, but when the results were broken down by political party affiliation, the differences were stark. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans claimed U.S. superiority, compared to only 32 percent of Democrats.

More than half of Democrats — 52 percent — believed that other countries had better health care systems, a belief shared by only 19 percent of Republicans (the remainder of participants claimed not to know). Participants from both parties admitted that the U.S. was particularly weak in factors like making sure everyone had affordable health care and controlling health care costs [source: Harvard School of Public Health].
In the contentious debate about health care reform, the U.S. system is often compared to other systems around the world. Some are concerned that the U.S. spends twice as much per person, while others are willing to pay that price to have choice of providers and shorter waiting times. Myths abound about what health care is actually like in other countries, so let’s go around the world and see for ourselves.

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Last-Minute Family Friendly Spring Break Trips

Last-Minute Family Friendly Spring Break Trips

No plans for spring break yet? Don’t panic. There are still some great deals, no matter your budget or family vacation preference. Check out this list we’ve found and plan a trip for spring break this year!

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What Airlines Won’t Tell You During Safety Demonstrations

From Huffington Post:

What airlines won’t tell you during safety demonstrations. Have you ever wondered exactly why airlines dim the lights upon landing, making you grope to find the overhead light just as you were about to finish your Sudoku? (Hint: It’s not to save electricity. Read the answer at the end of this article.) Or why it’s so important to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others? Or what’s it like jumping onto a 737’s inflatable emergency slide? And just how heavy are those over-wing exit doors?

If you’re a bit of an airline nerd like me (I said a bit, by the way, I’m not one of those plane spotter types), then you might have been curious. Or maybe you’re the cautious kind, the kind who wants to have every possible advantage the next time there’s a “Miracle on the Hudson” or if you’re landing at one of the scariest U.S. airports.

Well, British Airways has just the thing: the BA Flight Safety Awareness Course, a modified version of the same training that flight crews go through after they’re hired and then once a year thereafter. Even if you’re not the pessimistic or overly cautious type, it’s a fascinating way to spend a day in London.

You get to jump down an emergency slide! And if you’ve ever wanted to pull the inflation cord on one of those airplane life vests, well this is your chance. You also get to evacuate a cabin filled with “smoke” (it’s the kind used in a theater or rock concert, but does the trick). You’ll practice the fine points of the “brace position.” And best of all, you understand why some of those more obscure procedures and safety warnings are part of the flight experience.

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