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Travel Tips For Americans Spending Time In Italy Thumbnail

Travel Tips For Americans Spending Time In Italy

If you and your family are considering a trip to Italy, there are a number of things to be aware of prior to your stay in this European republic. Italians are completely different from the people living in your neck of the woods, placing their beliefs and values on a different set of principles than many Americans hold near and dear. To ensure that your trip to Italy goes smoothly and without incident, here are some tips that Italians hope all Americans follow while they are walking the streets of Rome.

Skin is not in

In Italy, it is common to see women wearing long sleeves and pants during sunny days. Since the closets of most Italians do not feature any “Daisy Duke” shorts or dripping necklines, it is best to keep your skin covered while shopping, eating and spending time in public spaces.

Time is valuable

Don’t be surprised if you notice that many stores are closed at a certain time each day. Italians take their time very seriously, with many residents considering time spent as the ultimate form of currency. Expect to see businesses closed during the hours of 1:00pm to 4:00pm, as store owners and employees head home to spend lunchtime with their families.

Ask and you shall receive

Another aspect of Italian life that baffles U.S. citizens the task of asking for the check at a restaurant. Unlike in America, the check must be asked for by the customer prior to leaving any dining establishment. In Italy, meals and conversations are meant to be savored and enjoyed, rather than rushed. When ready for the check, simply request the bill “il conto” to your server.


Americans can be frequently seen screaming in the streets of Florence, hoping to hail a cab for a ride. In Italy, taxis cannot be hailed and rides must be arranged previously. In order to get a cab in Italy, call for one to pick you up or find a taxi stand and wait for service.

Taking a trip to Italy can be a fun and exciting experience, complete with new adventures and a unique perspective on life. Take these tips with you on your next trip to Italy to have the best possible experience possible. For more information on long term travel insurance, call (800) 647-4589 today.