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Do you Need Travel Medical Insurance to Travel to Cuba?

Do you Need Travel Medical Insurance to Travel to Cuba? Featured Image

With a troubled history between the two countries, it can be difficult to understand the laws that dictate travel regulations between Cuba and the United States of America. But recent efforts by the U.S. have helped to ease tensions between the countries, allowing for more opportunities for both travel and trade. When traveling to Cuba from the United States, it is important to be aware of the new regulations between the nations and to have appropriate travel insurance for American citizens. Find out what has changed regarding Cuba and U.S. relations and what kind of health insurance is right for your trip to Cuba.

Tides changing in Cuba/USA feud

Where Cuba was once a place that U.S. citizens were not allowed to visit is now a location that promotes travel, trade and financial activities between the two nations. With efforts to allow U.S. citizens to enter Cuba for reasons such as family visits, education and religion, it appears that the decades of feuding between the two countries may officially be coming to an end.

In addition to enhanced travel and communication between the nations, U.S. insurers have been authorized to offer health insurance to travelers looking to spend time in Cuba. Travelers hoping to secure health, life and travel insurance can rest assured knowing that these services will still be authorized by the United States for people visiting Cuba.

Insurance is key when traveling to Cuba

While tensions between the countries may be coming to an end, Cuba can still be a dangerous place for American citizens to visit. As with any trip in a foreign land, nothing is worse than having a medical emergency occur while away from home. To protect yourself from any kind of unwanted emergency, it is imperative that you purchase travel insurance prior to your trip to Cuba.

To protect yourself from harm while visiting Cuba, check out our Atlas International Major Medical Atlas Professional plans. These insurance plans will keep you covered in case of an emergency overseas, ensuring that your trip goes smoothly and without problems. For more information on obtaining health insurance when visiting another country, contact Insurance Services of America today at (800) 647-4589.

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