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Adjusting to Normal Life after Taking a Life-Changing Vacation

Adjusting to Normal Life after Taking a Life-Changing Vacation Featured Image

You may have had a checklist of things to do before you took your vacation, but here is a checklist of how to get back to your normal routine afterwards.

Getting over the Vacation Blues

If you are a planner, before you took your two week international vacation you most likely had a pre-made checklist of items to remember, ordered travel insurance for American citizens, lined up the perfect house-sitter and researched for the best deals before booking a hotel. Taking your dream vacation can be one of the most exciting experience of a lifetime, but you most likely did not plan for how to adapt to the drag of coming back home and settling back in to your everyday routine. Here are some simple tips that might help you replace your vacation checklist with a getting-back-to-life one.

Before You Return

Jet lag can be awful, especially if you have never recovered from it before. Use that last day overseas to take in the views, close your eyes and relax. If possible, enjoy some alone time. You can go to the countryside or the beach and listen to the sounds of nature. Try to get plenty of sleep that last night as well; chances are that you will find it difficult to sleep the entire plane ride home.

Find Unique Ways to Stay Connected

If you took a trip to Italy, play some Italian music or go out for an Italian dinner. Host an Italian-themed party for your friends, complete with the appropriate décor and ambience, and show them pictures from all the places you visited. Keep the memory alive by recreating the most memorable events from your trip throughout the year, then begin to proactively dream about where you might go next!

Prioritize Your Tasks

If you have been out of the country for a week or two, your email and texts will most likely be backed up. Prioritize, and only respond to the most important ones, and let all the others know you will contact them as soon as you can. Find ways of keeping yourself from being overwhelmed, and only focus on the things you can get done in a single day. If it’s possible, delegate any tasks you need additional help with. Take a deep breath, and realize that it will only take a little bit of time to adjust to normal life.

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