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Easter Travel Delay Alert for the U.K. Thumbnail

Easter Travel Delay Alert for the U.K.

Altegrity Risk advises the United Kingdom warns of possible “gridlock” at airports during the Easter break due to staff shortages, reports indicated on April 4th. The British Air Transport Association claimed there were too few border staff scheduled to work during the break, delaying security checks.

If you are a Roundtrip travel insurance policy holder and are traveling to Europe this Easter weekend, then please contact your travel supplier for current travel delays.  While traveling, if your flight is delayed or cancelled, then please contact the 24 hour telephone assistance number on your ID card for live travel assistance.

If you need a travel insurance quote or have questions regarding your existing policy, then please contact us at (800) 647-4589 or (480) 821-9052 and speak to one of our Client Advisors. Safe Travels!

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Plan for The Worst, Expect the Best

Even with our Roundtrip travel insurance and a well-prepared itinerary, you will eventually suffer a delayed or late flight, an airplane mechanical problem, inclement weather, traffic or a host many airport delay problems which will “ground” you. Here are a few tips that can help you with an unexpected trip interruption:

  • Plan for the worst – leave plenty of time to arrive at the airport as well as layovers for connecting flights
  • Print out all your important travel documents – don’t depend on internet connections to view your itinerary, download boarding passes, look up your airline reservation telephone number or a map to your hotel.
  • Charge all your electronics the night before in case you can’t find a convenient power outlet at the airport
  • Travel with stamps and use the time before or between a flight as an opportunity to write a postcard or letter
  • Include a change of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on.
  • If your flight is going to be delayed for more than three hours, call the 24 hour telephone number on your Roundtrip ID card for live assistance to help you rebook flights, reserve a hotel room for the evening and manage the rest of your itinerary

When I travel, I plan for the worst and expect the best. These tips have helped me when the unexpected happen. Please feel free to share your own tips.

Happy Travels.

Emergency Travel Warning for Nigeria Thumbnail

Emergency Travel Warning for Nigeria

The U.S. Embassy and Consulate General issue the following emergency message for U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Nigeria.

International and domestic air travel remain disrupted on day three of a nationwide strike protesting the Nigerian government’s decision to end its subsidy on gasoline. While the international airports in both Abuja and Lagos remain open, most airlines have cancelled incoming and departing flights. All domestic airports nationwide have closed, with all domestic flights grounded. Given the fluid situation, we advise U.S. citizens to confirm flight schedules directly with airlines before they travel to the airport. Read More »