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6 Frequently Asked Questions from US Travelers

Q: Why should I be concerned about medical coverage abroad?

  • The Social Security Medicare Program does not provide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside the United States.
  • Many health insurance plans do not provide coverage overseas. Those that provide “customary and reasonable” hospital costs abroad may not pay for your medical evacuation back to the United States which can cost $10,000.00 and up depending on your location and medical condition.
  • Many foreign doctors and hospitals require payment in cash prior to providing service.
  • Uninsured patients may be refused service.
  • Countries with socialized medicine may not provide full services to non-residents.
  • Payment of hospital and other expenses abroad is the responsibility of the traveler.
  • Some countries require tourists to carry accident or travel insurance. Check the Country Specific Information for the countries you plan to visit for detailed information.

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