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We are a Veteran Owned Business

Did you know Insurance Services of America is a veteran owned business?

Graham Bates, the owner and president, enlisted in the Air Force and served in the Vietnam War. Additionally, one of our Client Advisors and Graham’s son, Aaron Bates is also a veteran of the Armed Forces and served for the elite US Special Operations.

We are very grateful for the sacrifice of all our soldiers and families and service personnel protecting our country.

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“Bat”ter Safe Than Sorry

Do you travel with an extra $30,000 on hand? Probably not. I didn’t five years ago on a trip to Vietnam, but the insurance I took with me was just as valuable, if not more.

A week into my vacation with my wife, I experienced some pretty severe symptoms. I became extremely sensitive—the softest whisper, the dimmest light, the slightest odor sent me reeling with headaches. Fevers, chills and fainting spells rounded out the most painful and frustrating time of my life.

Without a way to communicate with the local Vietnamese doctors, it took several days for everyone to realize what was wrong with me. I had contracted a life-threatening case of spinal meningitis. Read More »