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Top Reasons You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip Abroad

Top Reasons You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip Abroad Featured Image

US citizen travel insurance might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning an exciting trip abroad. But you owe it to yourself and your family to investigate coverage and make sure you’re prepared and secured against financial disaster, should something go amiss. Here are a list of reasons why travel insurance should be on the top of your list of things to do when taking a trip overseas.

Missed Connections, Canceled Flights

The only sentence worse than “Ladies and gentlemen, this flight is now delayed” is the sentence “Ladies and gentlemen, this flight is now cancelled.” Plans such as the RoundTrip Insurance plan will help offset costs accrued should your return flight be cancelled.

Bad Weather

Let’s say you’re planning a trip to the Bahamas and a hurricane hits the region. You’ve dug into your savings to afford the trip, and now what? The right insurance may help cover the cost of rebooking your flights and accommodations.

Sickness or Injury

Nothing is worse than taking a trip to a place you have never visited and being forced to spend the entire time in your hotel room due to illness. Travel insurance can help cover unforeseen medical expenses, including sickness of injury.

We’ve All Got Baggage

You know you’ve got baggage, but what happens if you arrive in Paris without your clothing? This can be a real financial hit. Typical travel insurance plans will reimburse you for your lost luggage, as well as your valuable belongings inside.

Lost Passport

This can be a time-consuming and costly problem, but with travel insurance, you’ll typically have support replacing your passport and the costs associated.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Hope for the best, plan for the worse. What happens if you have a sudden medical emergency that can only be handled through hospitalization or a specialist at home? The costs associated with this could be enormous, so protect yourself with travel insurance to stay safe.


We live in a dangerous and complicated world, and if you’re planning a trip to an area that might be subject to terrorism, you need to take that into consideration. What happens if an airport is closed, or if there’s an announced terrorist threat? Travel insurance may allow you to reschedule or cancel your trip outright.

The process for purchasing US citizen travel insurance is simple. At Insurance Services of America, we make health insurance for foreign nationals as easy as possible. Call (800) 647-4589 to learn more about the top travel insurance.

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