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Do You Need Conflict Zone Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Do You Need Conflict Zone Insurance and What Does it Cover? Featured Image

For many travelers, war simply isn’t a consideration. Hostile areas do not often attract tourists and are not ideal vacation spots for families. But with the right preparation, you could have an unforgettable experience in parts of the world that are currently more risky to visit. It is important to be smart about how you travel in these areas. It’s uncommon for foreign non-combatants to be wandering around war zones, so even if you bear no hostile intentions, you could be causing a disruption. It’s also possible you could be mistaken for a spy, or worse. This means that traveling in conflict zones is not to be taken lightly.

Importance of proper insurance

Conflict and terrorism travel insurance is a valuable necessity if you are planning a trip to a dangerous part of the world. Medical services may be limited, so insurance is a must-have. Make sure to investigate policies covering medical evacuation and repatriation. Additionally, kidnap and ransom coverage is also a good idea, since kidnapping is a form of fundraising in some parts of the world. Obtaining insurance is a smart idea and will provide peace of mind, but it’s just as important to be smart about your behavior in hostile territories. For example, don’t spend large sums of money on flashy items and avoid large public events that may turn into dangerous demonstrations.

Many health insurance policies commonly contain exclusions for travel to high risk countries of conflict or active war zones, so make sure your plan is adequate for the risky journey you are embarking on. If you can combine up to four different coverage products to ensure high risk, high limit long term travel insurance to fill the gap of traditional insurance policies, you can customize the specific plan for your trip. Some options include accidental death and dismemberment, medical, kidnap/ransom and disability insurance protection, so pick and choose the appropriate pieces you require in your overall plan.

Get the right plan for your needs

Make sure that the policy you choose is tailored to your specific needs. For instance, if you plan on having a driver, car insurance is not necessary. Even if the country you are visiting is slightly unstable, it is wise to prepare for the worst. It would also behoove you to check out the state of neighboring countries, in case you need to evacuate on short notice. Lastly, consider writing a will before you depart. The hope is that all your preparation and street smarts will keep you safe, but you’ll feel better if you are prepared for every possible outcome.

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