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4 Questions to Ask Before Buying International Travel Insurance

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying International Travel Insurance Featured Image

Are you planning a trip overseas? To New York? Mexico? How about Paris? If you’re planning a trip to Paris, you probably have images of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. People tend to imagine the best, but everyone knows the cliché – hope for that, and plan for the worst. It’s difficult to imagine that honeymoon trip to France going totally pear-shaped, but it can happen, which is why it is important to consider travel insurance.

If you don’t think you’ll need extra insurance coverage for your upcoming trip, consider just how complex health insurance is in the United States. What happens if you need to visit a hospital in Paris, or Germany, or Mexico? What about an emergency room? Here are some questions to consider before traveling internationally, and how these factors might impact cost:

How’s Your Coverage?

You might be surprised to learn that some health insurance providers in the United States offer coverage outside the country. Unsurprisingly, few plans do, but if you’re an American citizen with health coverage, you’ll want to contact your provider to see what, if any, benefits you have overseas. Simply call your insurance company and ask.

How Far Are You Going?

How much coverage you’ll need will depend on how far you’re traveling and the nature of that location. Health care in the United States and Canada costs more than elsewhere in the world, as will care should you find yourself in a very remote location (Siberia, anyone?).

What Care Is Available, and at What Cost?

If you have a medical condition that might require treatment abroad, you’ll especially want to investigate what medical care is available where you’ll be traveling. Regardless of your health, you should do a bit of research. The U.S. State Department has a useful resource for this. In many countries, the taxpayers cover the cost of medical care. In others, this isn’t the case. The solution to this issue may be extra coverage. Even with travel insurance, in a foreign country you’ll typically be expected to pay your bill immediately – good to know should you find yourself in a foreign hospital.

What’s My Risk?

Your level of risk will impact how much you can anticipate paying for travel insurance. Obviously someone with a history of heart disease who plans to go on a ski trip in Switzerland will pay a different rate than a person with no pre-existing conditions planning that Paris honeymoon.

Talk to an Expert

The level of coverage you’ll need for your travel shouldn’t be left to chance. Do your research, and we hope you’ll reach out and speak to an expert! At Insurance Services of America, we make affordable travel insurance as easy as ready, set, renew. Call (800) 647-4589 or 01 (480) 821-9052 to learn more.

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