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Honeymoon Destinations Just Right For You

Honeymoon Destinations Just Right For You Featured Image

If you’re planning an upcoming honeymoon, have you considered the meaning behind your honeymoon? My husband and I considered our own honeymoon the beginning of a beautiful life together. So for friends and family planning their upcoming honeymoons, I think no matter where you choose to go, your destination should be peaceful and enjoyable, surrounding you only with only fun, excitement, and relaxation.

We all have dream honeymoon destinations. Some of you may want to spend your honeymoon enjoying nature and wildlife, while some prefer a more romantic atmosphere filled with nights out on the town exploring local fare, and even some just want a relaxing seaside getaway. I’ve been researching honeymoon destinations for a family member recently and am amazed at the options; here are my top picks based on the type of couple you are:

Vietnam for Nature and Adventure Lovers
Even though I was born and raised in Vietnam, I can’t say I’ve adequately experienced all the natural beauty of my homeland—each time I return home, I seem to find something new to admire. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy nature, smell the fresh sea air, experience various types of seafood, tropical fruits, challenge your motorcycle skills and more, put Vietnam on your short list of honeymoon destinations. A recent article I read describes the country as “a world where the colors are more vivid, where the landscapes are bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is more compelling, where the tastes are more divine, where life is lived in the fast lane.” I couldn’t agree more.

Here are some amazing places I recommend visiting if you decide to honeymoon in Vietnam:

Ha Long Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders, and is the most beautiful tourist destination in Vietnam. “Ha Long” means “Bay of Descending Dragons.”

Phu Quoc Island is also called the Pearl Island. It is the biggest island in Vietnam and is the most popular travel destination in Vietnam.
Nha Trang Bay is surrounded on all three sides by mountains and widely considered among the world’s most beautiful bays. It is also well known for its beautiful beaches as well as its variety of activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Netherlands for History Buffs and Flower Lovers
I call The Netherlands my second homeland, where I spent my unforgettable college years. The Netherlands is a small country with a lot of history and beautiful sightseeing. Should you want to learn new history, visit museums, enjoy riding bicycles and see the world largest flower garden, Keukenhof, during your honeymoon, The Netherlands is absolutely your best choice.

I never experienced so many flowers with so many colors in my life until I visited Keukenhof! It was an experience I hope you all get to enjoy at least once in your life. Keukenhof is the place to see spring blossom. The park bursts with the color and fragrance of over seven million flowers and has been one of the most popular destinations in The Netherlands for sixty years now.

Sedona, Arizona for Wildlife Lovers
I have to say I’m a lucky person—not many people can claim three homelands. Besides Vietnam and the Netherlands, the United States is now my permanent residence and my “third homeland.” I haven’t yet been able to visit too many beautiful places in the US, but I can proudly say that I have been in one of the most memorable places in the world, Sedona, Arizona.

Unlike any place I have visited in Vietnam or the Netherlands, Sedona is unique with its world-famous Red Rocks—stunning red sandstone formations which seem to glow in brilliant red and orange hues at the rising and setting of the sun. These rocks attract visitors from all over the world while top-notch resorts and spas pamper guests seeking a bit of relaxation. For the active-minded, Sedona offers hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails and famous Pink Jeep tours to help visitors get a better view of the rugged and beautiful terrain. If you are wildlife lovers, you should definitely consider Sedona for your honeymoon.

Top-Ranked Destinations for 2012
The recommendations above are all places I’ve been to personally. Of course, there are many more places I would like to visit and recommend. Places like these top-ranked 2012 honeymoon destination: Bali, Japan, India, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Cancun, Bahamas, Italy, Spain and France.

Good luck with your honeymoon travel plans! May you have a beautiful start to your new lives together, no matter where in this world you decide to start!