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Tips for Americans Traveling to Paris

Tips for Americans Traveling to Paris Featured Image

France, Paris in particular, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Paris especially is a beautiful and historically rich city with plenty of world class dining and sights. As with any other different culture, it is important to remember things may be different than what you are used to. It is important to act accordingly to ensure appreciation and respect for different cultures. Here are a few tips to help Americans traveling to Paris.

Try to speak French 

Although it is not necessary to learn all the nuances of this complex language of love, it is important to try. Brush up on a few key phrases and take this opportunity to practice your best french accent. Parisians will appreciate any effort, even if you butcher it.

Say hello and goodbye

Although Americans don’t consider it a cultural norm to greet storekeepers or salesclerks in shops, Parisians do. It is considered almost as impolite as if you were to enter someone’s homes and not greet them. Bonjour and merci will take you a long way when traveling in Paris.

Taxis are expensive

paris metro

Taking a taxi ride, even just a couple of miles, can end up costing you a lot. This is especially true later in the evening. This makes the Metro your best and cheapest option for navigating through the streets of Paris. The Metro is very well connected and easy to use. Remember that the Metro closes at 1 a.m., meaning you will have to take a taxi to get home if you are out that late.

Safety matters

After the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month, Parisian authorities have heavily increased security forces. Museums, monuments, stores, train stations, amusement parks and another area where large groups of people congregate are under constant police surveillance. Although Paris is probably one of the safest cities to travel to, it is still important and necessary to protect yourself by purchasing US citizen travel insurance.

Don’t forget the adapters

Chances are, you will need to plug something in at one point during your trip to Paris. France runs on 220 volts meaning there is a chance you will need a converter for at least some of your electronics. Make sure to do your research on which converter plug to bring.

Parisians love fashion

fashionable french woman

Paris has long been known as one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. This means you may feel out of place in sweatpants and sneakers while navigating the city. Although you want to be comfortable during a long day of sight seeing, you may want to dress up a bit.

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